Which type of pollution includes CFCs and smog?

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Which type of pollution includes CFCs and smog?

A. Water

B. Volcanic

C. Land

D. Air

Answer:- D. Air

Air pollution relates to the emission of pollutants in the air that harms human health and nature. The main air pollutants are:

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CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) − these are artificial compounds that were commonly used in refrigerators and aerosol sprays. CFCs are highly destructive to the ozone layer. The introduction of CFCs into the air reduces ozone levels, which act as a protective barrier from harmful UV rays for us. Almost all CFCs are prohibited by international conventions like the Montreal Protocol.

Smog- It is fog mixed with smoke. The traditional smog is derived from coal combustion, vehicle exhaust and industrial pollutants. The formation of photochemical smog occurs as a result of sunlight interacting with vehicular emissions such as nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Smog contains ozone at ground level, which acts as a respiratory irritant. It may lead to chest tightening, lung injury and asthma.

Other significant air pollutants include particulate matter, carbon monoxide sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides. A variety of such pollutants are generated largely through burning and consumption of fossil fuels in vehicles, power plants etc. Cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses result from continued exposure to air pollution

Accordingly, CFCs that destroy the ozone layer and smog with respiratory irritants such as ozone and particulate matter are types of air pollution . Emissions from human activities also need to be controlled so that air pollution can be reduced and there will not have any harmful impact on the health of people or environment.

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