What is Policymakers Trying to do by Using the Media to Deliver Specific Messages to Citizens?

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What is Policymakers Trying To Do By Using the Media to Deliver Specific Messages to Citizens?

1. Ask for donations

2. Promote policies

3. Encourage debate

4. Win votes


Answer: 2. Promote policies

Policymakers use media to publicize certain policies or ideologies to their followers. Using such media outlets as television, radio or even newspapers and social media, they endeavor to create public consensus in favor of their desired policies.

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There are a few key reasons policymakers utilize media in this way:

To begin, the media is a wide-ranging avenue of reaching large groups effectively. However, it takes just one TV advertisement or social media campaign to reach millions of citizens very fast with a policy message. This enables policy makers to spread their ideas far and wide.

Second, policymakers resort to media messaging that frames issues in ways considered convincing and emotional. Words, images and stories can be used to formulate people’s perceptions of a policy. This framing seeks to gain support for the policymaker’s position.

Third, for certain issues media message consistency may help dictate the public agenda. The repetitiveness with which policy makers emphasize particular policies in the media helps to raise those ideas as public priorities. This can create impetus for policy reforms.

In general, careful use of the media is an important means for policymakers in engaging citizens. They seek to shape public thinking and create favorable opportunities for their preferred laws, programs, reforms or other policy issues by disseminating media messages that have been fine-tuned.

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