Gregor Mendel’s research formed the basis of the field of

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Gregor Mendel’s research formed the basis of the field of

1. selective breeding.

2. recessiveness.

3. dominance.

4. genetics.

Answer:- The correct option is 4.genetics.

The field of genetics is based on Gregor Mendel’s research. Gregory Mendel’s research on pea plants in mid-19th century identified the basic laws of inheritance. After breeding and classifying thousands of pea lines in succession, Mendel separated dominant from recessive traits. He realized that genes are transmitted to offspring by hereditary fashion laws which can only follow definite course. He understood that every parent plant had two factors (genes) for each trait, which were passed to offspring at random. Mendel also outlined concepts such as segregation, whereby genes separate at random during the development of gametes and independent assortment is when traits are passed to offspring independently. He found dominant and recessive alleles, genotype and phenotype; predictable statistical patterns in which traits are inherited, all laid the necessary basis for a science of genetics. In the early days of twentieth century, Mendel’s research was rediscovered and incorporated in modern synthesis describing evolutionary theory with genetics. The field he pioneered, genetics, which is concerned with genes, genetic variation, heredity and pattern of inheritations in organisms was the basis for a principal biological science that has allowed modern biotechnologies like genetic engineering . Gregor Mendel, through his studies of pea plants in the nineteenth century may be referred to as the father of genetics.

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