Alignment of Corporate Strategy with Project Strategy

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Alignment of Corporate Strategy with Project Strategy

Assignment 1

a) Individual Report

  • In this assignment, you are tasked to develop an integrated strategy framework in an actual industry context, preferably using actual projects with the company that you are currently working for (or projects that you are familiar with based on previous employment or other sources).
  • The objective of this assignment is to practice applying strategic thinking in project management in an integrated way, with particular focus on the alignment between corporate strategy at the system level and project strategy at the operational level.
  • It is important to note that this assignment is not about writing your learning of the processes, their definition, and their conceptual details. These are part of your expected learning of this course. The assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply your learning to actual project of your choice, in your current organization (or the organization where you worked previously or other sources).
  • Tutorials 1 & 2 – discussion on this assignment.

Assignment 2

b) Individual Presentation

  • For the presentation slides, you could follow the same outline for written report or you could choose your own preferred format or media that can best illustrate your proposal. The key is to make it clear, easy to understand, and back up your statements with analysis and justifications.
  • Tutorials 3 & 4 – Individual presentation (5 mins), followed by Q&A (5 mins) from both a peer and myself.
  • Please indicate on the tutorial schedule sheet your preferred date and/or hour (e.g., 15 Feb, 7-8 pm) of your presentation slot. I will tabulate/allocate your 10-minute slot. The final arrangement will be posted on NTU Learn Course Information.
  • Both submissions to Turnitin folders must include a signed “MSc Project Management Programme AUTHORSHIP DECLARATION FORM”

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