A Challenge that Modern Presidents Face is

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A Challenge that Modern Presidents Face is

A) Leading their political party.

B) Issuing executive orders.

C) Recognizing foreign nations.

D) Granting pardons

Answer: D. granting pardons

The challenge that presidents have is the power of pardon from them within some appropriate and judicious bounds. The presidential pardon power which gives the president authority to overturn criminal convictions and commute sentences. It is an uncontrolled force whose activities are not regulated. Most pardons have to be looked at through many lenses, such as fairness and justice, justification of casualty or blowback on the parts but also public thought. But critics say the nature of pardons is that they can appear to be capricious, politically based or inconsistently used. Where pardons appear dubious, presidents have to share their reasons for the action and console the public. Giving pardons demands presidents to reconcile mercy and forgiveness along with enforcing the law. They seek to right wrongs while maintaining appearance of correctness. It’s a delicate balance. Presidents are expected to use their power of pardons carefully, fairly and rationally. The way president’s deal with pardons creates their legacy and impact on the public perception of justice. The pardon power presented modern presidents with unique challenges for a now highly polarized climate.

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