SOC313 Sociology of Education for Assignment Help in Australia

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SOC313 Sociology of Education for Assignment Help in Australia


Discuss how educational opportunities, abilities, and success in the Australia school system can be influenced by 1) teachers, 2) family habitus and parental influence, 3) race and social class, and 4) curricula.

Choose TWO of the above four factors and elaborate on your arguments with reference to the course readings.

Student notes

  • This TMA requires you to be familiar with the readings from Week 2 and Week 3, specifically the works of Chua et al. (2019), Adzahar (2012), Chiong & Dimmock (2020), Loh & Sun (2019), Foo & Yang (2022), and Ho (2013).
  • You are expected to apply an analytical lens by formulating your own argument(s) and engaging in a critical examination of educational opportunities, abilities, and success, instead of summarising the authors’ arguments.
  • You may also conduct your own research surrounding educational opportunities in Singapore by accessing the SUSS e-resources (JSTOR, SAGE, Taylor & Francis Online, EBSCO etc. for additional journal articles and books). Government websites, policies, and statistical reports may also be useful. Your arguments should be supported with examples and/or research evidence.

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