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EG6102 Geotechnical Engineering Assignment Task Solution

Assignment Details:-

  • Referencing Styles: Harvard
  • Course Code: EG6102
  • Course Title: Geo Technical Engineering Assignment

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Our coursework will require the development of foundation designs based on the findings of a series of Ground Investigation Reports for Edmonton Eco Park, a link to which will be made available to students on the moodle site for this Module. Students will also need to reference the Coursework Brief for Module EG6101: Structural Analysis and Design on the DUEL B Eng Hons Programmer Year 2019-20, which defines a Project to design a new academy school.

The final Coursework submission will comprise several Tasks as follows:

Task 1

The first task is to produce a site plan or plans showing your proposed building locations for the school together with a cross-sectional drawing or drawings showing the proposed vertical position of the buildings with the existing ground conditions.

Your cross-sectional drawing(s) here should show the vertical location of the building superimposed on a geological cross-section but with the geological section developed and drawn by you based on the information which is most relevant to your chosen building location. In addition to your site plans, you also need to provide a brief explanation here as to why you have chosen this particular location and vertical alignment for the buildings.

Task 2

The second task is to provide a critical assessment of the data contained in the Geo technical Ground Investigation Reports, commenting on whether or not the information provided in this is suitable and adequate for the design of the foundations for the buildings.

Where you identify any limitations in the scope and of the report and the data contained in it you also need to say what additional Ground Investigation works you would carry out and why, fully justifying your answer.

Task 3

Based on your drawings developed during Task 1 and on the data provided in the Geo technical Reports you are to produce two vertical soil strength profiles for pile design for the structure(s) such that these represent your best estimate of:

i.) Moderately conservative soil strength profile(s) for design

ii.) Worst credible soil strength profile(s) for design

In each case, you must adequately explain the basis for the derivation of the pattern. Note: This will require a separate profile for each soil layer which the piles will pass through showing the total or active soil strength parameters as necessary.

Task 4

Provide a suitable derivation of the expected maximum foundation load for the conceptual design of your structure(s).

[This should come from your Structures Coursework. Note that the loading may need to be revised if you plan to excavate below existing ground level]

Task 5

Choose a suitable pile foundation option and carry out a vertical pile capacity design for the given loading derived in Task 4 for each of the design strength profiles developed in Task 2. In carrying out the design, you need to justify fully:

i.) The Design Method adopted

ii.) All of the design parameters (specifically including a and b values) selected in the design

[Note that it is likely that you will require more than one pile to carry the design load. In this case, you will need a pile group and will need to define the number of piles required in the group. When doing this, you should assume that the pile group will operate at 100% efficiency concerning the capacity of an individual pile]

Task 6

Carry out a settlement analysis for a single pile for each of the two pile designs completed in Task 5 for the loading defined in Task 4.

Task 7

Write a brief report giving recommendations for the pile design based on your findings in Tasks 5 and 6 above.

In preparing and submitting your Coursework, please also note the following general guidance

  • Final reports should be word processed in double spaced Arial 12 point font and excluding drawings, and computer output should be no more than ten sides of A4 in length.
  • It is not expected that the inclusion of illustrations and computer output shall lead to the final report being significantly more than double this length.
  • Where computer output is included, it is important that this is done in such a way that it is possible to check BOTH the INPUT to and OUTPUT values from the software.
  • Marks WILL BE DEDUCTED for reports which are “padded out” with unnecessary additional data.