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Analytical Essay with Assessment

To what extent does the right to strike exist in the People’s Republic of China?  How does this compare to the right to strike in Australia?  What are the implications for helpers, employers and the economy?

Referencing Style: Harvard and Citations Should Be Proper

English: Australian English

Use 10 Peer Reviewed Papers on This Topic. All Points In The Essay Must Contain The Latest Legislatures And Right To Strike Rules In China And Australia.

All 10 Papers Used Must Be Within The Last 10 Years And Must Contain The Latest Information With Proper Citations.

So we are assist you with future assessment items, it is very important that you critically analyse the issues related to the essay topic/question and incorporate this thinking into your assessment items.

This gives more weight and credibility to your arguments. If you demonstrate, through your use of references that a number of authors agree on a particular point then the marker sees this as a strong and well-argued point of view. Use references to support your views and assertions. The more researchers that support a particular point, the more sure you can be that this is an accurate reflection of the current state of knowledge on an exclusive, topic.

The Marking Criteria

Excellent Understanding of Literature and Explain The Concepts With No Technical Error And Excellent English And Well Presented.