200+ Research Paper Topics with Interesting Ideas for You

Research Paper Topics

What is Research Paper?

A research paper is a type of specialized academic writing that gives an interpretation, analysis and various arguments based on in-depth research and analysis. Several reputed colleges and universities allow students to write many research paper topics as assignments. The students’ grades in these assignments are significant in their future academic and professional lives.

Thus, you always need to choose the best topics and write top-quality research assignment papers. In this blog, we will discuss some very good research assignment topics.

How to Write the Best Research Paper?

  • Get the best sources: Your first and foremost requirement, while wring a research case study paper is to write the best quality content, and you can do it the best by taking data from the best and the most reliable sources. Some of these sources are literary articles, scholarly articles by famous authors in your subject area. The other sources include recognized official websites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Select the central idea of the research paper: Here, you need a thesis for your research paper in this way. The central idea of your paper can be depicted in the best possible way. Each paragraph of your research assignment paper must support the central or core idea.
  • Create your research paper outline: By outlining, you can give your research paper a very logical structure. In this way, you can identify the major parts of your paper and arrange them likewise.
  • Draft Your Research Paper: After outlining, you can start to write.
  • Rearrange the research paper outline and write the second draft: After drafting, you must do the second draft. You need to create the second draft very perfectly, avoiding any errors.
  • Use the Best Formatting Style: You can use a good style like MLA or APA.

Research Paper Topics

How to Pick the Good Research Paper Topics?

  1. Seeks Inspiration: Your research idea must be relevant, fresh, and interesting. Try to select an uncommon topic that is very much catchy and interesting. It needs to be very much inspiring to your readers.
  2. Always try to be crystal clear: the readers are always repelled by garbage and unclear language in any research paper. Thus, it would always help to present your idea in clear language. Your chosen research topic should always be based on a simple topic rather than a complex one. You always need to explain your idea in detail to be easily understood by your readers.
  3. Avid jargon: A lack of clarity in any research paper always repels your readers. Examples of jargon are LOL, BFF, BTW, etc. These short forms are applicable only in online chat and never on your research paper.
  4. Try to make it more personal: You must always have a very good personal connection with your research topic. Always select a topic that interests you personally. For example, if you are an art lover, select a topic based on art and culture. If you are an avid sports lover, you can always select a research paper topic on sports. This thing will always give you an added advantage.
  5. Consider your audiences: you must always know your audiences and their choices before writing the research paper. The paper content needs to meet the expectation of your target audiences.

List 0f 200+ Research Paper Topics & Ideas for Students

Best Research Paper Topics 2023

  1. Is student selection for college internships biased?
  2. Can multicultural education have implemented for higher studies?
  3. Issues with the reverse discrimination of the post-college employment
  4. Alcohol and Drug Abuse in student life
  5. How to deal with global economic inflation
  6. Should gay marriage be legalized globally?
  7. How to promote inter-communal harmony
  8. What is the trust of occult sciences?
  9. Is spacewalk a fact or fiction?
  10. How to implement women’s empowerment

Middle School Research Paper Topics

  1. Is turning vegan good for your health?
  2. History of dinosaurs
  3. Importance of music in human life
  4. Greenhouse effect
  5. Consequences of drug legalization
  6. Impact of World War 2 on Women
  7. Cause and effects of earthquakes
  8. Cryptography
  9. Uses of bitcoins
  10. Phases of Earth’s evolution

High School Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the benefits of educational diversification?
  2. How can modern technology be applied to education
  3. Online vs offline education system
  4. Pros and cons of standardized testing.
  5. What are the ways to fund house school students for higher studies?
  6. Pros and cons of homeschooling
  7. Why do students need vaccination?
  8. Performance of high school in same-sex schools
  9. How to raise funds for studies
  10. Motivation for high school students

College Research Paper Topics

  1. Population control
  2. Climatic changes
  3. Demolishing terrorism
  4. How to elect the best leaders for your country
  5. Unity in diversity
  6. Effect of Globalization on Education
  7. Politics in student life
  8. Is forming college unions justified?
  9. Government affiliation for most the colleges
  10. Teaching occult science subjects in colleges

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Can social media platforms be banned from taking users’ data?
  2. Can cell phones be banned from vehicles?
  3. Do companies need to hire workers to replace machines?
  4. Has the internet really made our lifestyle better?
  5. Should the Internet be made free?
  6. Should parents limit their child access to the Internet?
  7. Is new technology isolating us?
  8. Are GMOs good or bad for us?
  9. Legal Consequences of Cyberbullying
  10. Do schools need vaccination for students?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  1. How to train your pet
  2. Can wild animals be kept as pets?
  3. Can pets be allowed in schools?
  4. Which animal makes the best pet?
  5. Which animal is unsuitable as a pet?
  6. How good are the animal shelters?
  7. Which sport is the best to play?
  8. What is the best hobby?
  9. Who is the best athlete in the world?

Health Research Paper Topics

  1. History of healthcare
  2. Beauty treatment is a part of healthcare
  3. Vision health care and hearing healthcare
  4. Can going vegan improve your health/
  5. How to quit smoking and drinking to promote health
  6. Is bodybuilding really healthy?
  7. Effects of alternate medicines like homoeopathy and Ayurveda
  8. Benefits of yoga and exercises for good health
  9. What do I actually have a healthy lifestyle?
  10. How to reduce pollution in the atmosphere to reduce airborne diseases

Education Research Paper Topics

  1. Impact of School Fundraising
  2. Impact of Emotional and social learning
  3. Effect of parent behaviour on child education
  4. Role of school teachers in kid education
  5. How can classroom design affect student learning?
  6. How poverty affects education
  7. What are the ways to help economically challenged students
  8. How to collect correct student data
  9. Is meditation needed in student life
  10. Are higher studies necessary?

Environmental Research Paper Topics

  1. Role of industrial plants to Pollute the Environment
  2. Tea plantations and the green revolution can reduce air pollution to a very large extent
  3. Importance of switching to hydrogen from the fossil fuels
  4. How to stop the destruction of the coral reefs
  5. How to prevent soil erosion
  6. Various Effects of global climate Change
  7. How to deal with global warming
  8. How to save water
  9. How to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  10. What is the link between acid rain and rapid industrialization

Research Paper Topics on Entertainment

  1. Virtual entertainment and adverting
  2. Elephants used in entertainment
  3. Gay magazines
  4. Impacts of the Entertainment Media
  5. The legacy of the Walt Disney Company in entertainment
  6. The Controversial Issues in Entertainment
  7. Burswood Entertainment vs Brazilian Market
  8. Impact of Politics on the entertainment industry
  9. Sony BMG Music Entertainment
  10. Role of scale media on entertainment

Research Paper Topics on Media and Communication

  1. Emerging spaces in journalism
  2. Globalization and journalism
  3. People-powered journalism
  4. Social-political conflict and journalism
  5. People-powered journalism
  6. People-powered journalism
  7. Journalism and Globalization
  8. Science vs journalism
  9. How to Become a good journalist
  10. Social media in journalism

History Research Paper Topics

  1. Symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  2. Responsibilities of Distribution in the Iron Age
  3. Role of Women in Prehistoric Britain
  4. Sumerian Culture and Traditions
  5. Religion and Prophets
  6. Importance of Religion and religious preachers in world history
  7. Palestine History
  8. Eastern Civilizations Analysis
  9. Study of imperial powers in History
  10. Immortality and Death in Ancient Egypt

Controversial Topics for Research Paper

  1. Animal testing for research purposes is right or wrong
  2. Domestic gender violence
  3. Child abuse
  4. Parents need to monitor websites for kids
  5. Impact of social media on Kids
  6. Emergence and remedies of cyber crimes
  7. Can the USA refrain from getting involved in global politics
  8. Can a gay partner adopt children
  9. Violence in media
  10. Surrogate mother’s social status

Research Paper Topics on Politics

  1. Globalization of politics
  2. Role of UNO in world politics
  3. Role of WHO in global politics
  4. Impact of global level polities in IMF bailouts
  5. Impact of Politics on World Bank
  6. Political Effects on Currencies
  7. Political Role in the global tourism industry
  8. The toe of politicians in granting visas
  9. Rise of women politicians on a global platform
  10. How to prevent terrorism from being used as a political tool?

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Gender roles in today’s society
  2. Prejudice and discrimination
  3. Factors Influencing Children’s school performance
  4. ADHD in family systems
  5. Narcissism in Modern Society
  6. Physical illnesses vs psychological health
  7. What causes schizophrenia?
  8. Sexist orientation is important in the society
  9. How to prevent drug and alcohol addiction in Youth
  10. Causes of schizophrenia?

Science & Technology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic on Today’s Medical Technology
  2. Effect of online education on Learning
  3. Influence of video gaming own youth mind
  4. Children use technology, and today, web platforms
  5. Pros and cons of human cloning
  6. Implications of the Human Identity Chips
  7. Effect of Technology on Fertility
  8. The Morality of genetic engineering
  9. Future of stem cell research success
  10. Risks and rewards of digital voting

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. SWOT analysis
  2. PESTEL analysis
  3. Business forecasting
  4. Market survey
  5. Retro gate pricing
  6. Business research on logistics
  7. Delphi technique in business
  8. HR research in business
  9. How to recruit the best staff
  10. To service in market competition

Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Pegasus spyware controversy
  2. Caste amendment act
  3. Citizenship amendment act
  4. Global constitutional law
  5. Implementation of any uniform civil code
  6. Role of Religion in provincial legal systems
  7. Impact of regulation on business and economy
  8. Influence of Law on Politics
  9. Legal codes favouring women
  10. Leal action against terrorists

Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. Moral factors in abortion
  2. Why eating meat is debatable
  3. Are beauty products essential?
  4. Is it unethical to have an insane amount of money
  5. Preventing sexual misbehaviour against Women in workplaces
  6. Why is society against LGBT+ people?
  7. Should euthanasia be made legal in all countries?
  8. Dealing with racism in the society
  9. Are sex change surgeries ethical?
  10. Pros and cons of ethical hacking

Social Media Research Paper Topics

  1. The Impact of social media on Children
  2. Controlling the use of mobile phones
  3. Business via social media
  4. Celebrities on social media
  5. Art and culture through the use of social media
  6. Good and bad effects of social media
  7. Effects of Your Tubing via social media
  8. Cultural Exchange on social media platforms
  9. Spreading love vs hate on social media
  10. Transportation via social media platforms


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