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What is Pestle and Swot Analysis?

Pestle Analysis maintains a singularity of your assignment. The various aspects of Pestle Analysis work as a significant determinant of important development and also conclude how propitious a project is for further study.

Pestle and Swot Analysis Assignment Help

The Determinant Factors of Pestle Analysis Are:

  • P (Political): Fiscal policies, Tax reforms, trade tariffs form an essential part of this analysis. It enables a business to understand the political agendas of government which works as a vital aspect of any business.
  • E (Economic): The evaluation of global level economic trends enables a business ascertains long-term profit. The interest rate, inflation rate, demand and supply trends and economic growth are all being analysed for a better result.
  • S (Social): Analysis of social factors like demographical determinants, cultural patterns and age distribution, all play a significant role towards the successful journey of business.
  • T (Technological): This analyses how trends in technology are influencing the business goals. It analyses how new technological innovations are impacting the business either directly or indirectly.
  • L (Legal): Abiding by different laws to make sure that your business doesn’t get affected due to infringement of any law unknowingly. It can be any law, social law, maintenance do certain level of standards, regulatory laws, etc.
  • E (Environmental): This aspect analyses the impact one’s business has on the environment at the same time, it also analyses the impact of environmental factors on your business. Climate, weather, geographical conditions are few of the determinants.

While PESTLE analyses the external factors influencing the business, SWOT analyses the internal factors like service, product, etc.

The Determinant Factors of SWOT Analysis Are:

  • S (Strengths): As the name suggests, it analyses the strength of the business in terms of service/product and also maintaining the Unique Selling Propositions. It is the strength of the business that makes it stand out in comparison to its competitors.
  • W (Weaknesses): This aspect throws light on a negative aspect of a business which might cause a fatal loss to the business. Analysing weaknesses is more important than analysis of strengths, as working energetically on the weakness can save a business and thus can prove as a long-run benefit.
  • O (Opportunities): Every business comes across opportunities in various forms, and these opportunities can help the business sail merrily towards its voyage of profit. Channelling weaknesses into opportunities with proper business strategies can go a long run.
  • T (Threats): This aspect analyses the potential threat a competitor may cause to one’s business. And thus early recognition of risk will save the company from incurring any losses.

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