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  • Course Code: NSC2500
  • Course Title: pharmacology and psychopathology in health
  • University: University of Southern Queensland
  • Country: AU
  • Pages: 7
  • Referencing Styles: APA


  1. Explain the difference/s between the core pharmacology pinnacles of pharmaceutics and thermodynamics and fully detail two (2) aspects of pharmaceutics.


  1. Using asthma as the example, detail the psychophysiology of this condition and two (2) different types of medications typically used in Its treatment. Ensure you explain the relevant mechanisms of action of the medication/s and any other considerations you feel are relevant.


  1. Graves’ disease is caused by the production of auto antibodies to the TSH receptor. These antibodies interact with the TSH receptor to stimulate the thyroid gland in a similar manner to TSH. The antibodies are not subject to negative feedback.

Which of the sets of clinical laboratory values below would indicate Graves’ disease? Explain/defend your answer

  1. Blood pressure is a very important measurement to know. Explain what blood pressure (BP) Is and Its Importance In the body. Discuss the regulations (psychophysiology) of BP in the body using the example of chronic essential (primary) hypertension. Also, describe one of the more common BP medications (and Its mechanism of action) to explain why It is used to restore the homeostatic balance of BP.







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